Tips on how to dress on your wedding

The most important day in a man’s life is definitely his wedding day. To celebrate this special event, it is important to choose a proper formal outfit that highlights the qualities and personality of the future groom.

In this article, we will provide you useful tips and suggestions for grooms for an exceptional appearance. It is important to keep in mind a few important factors before choosing the wedding outfit:

1. Establishing the dress code and informing guests about it is a very important aspect. Make sure you clearly specify both the type of outfit (black-tie, semi-formal) and the environment in which the wedding will take place. All this information should be included in the invitation.

2. Assortment of groom suit with bridal dress

Style and harmony in the choice of outfits are important milestones, so we recommends choosing both the costume and the dress with the future bride. Assortment must be subtle, detailed so that the visual note is enjoyable. Covers can vary, depending on the pattern, the train, but the chromatic is not very permissive. That’s why it’s a good idea to establish from the beginning all the details about the color and wedding theme. If you are opting for a classic wedding, white and black remain the non-colors that dominate the ensemble.

3. Sezoneness and color

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the wedding season. Depending on this, you can choose the type of fabric that suits the season, but also the colors. For example, gray, black and blue shades can be chosen throughout the year, while white and pastel shades are ideal in the summer months. It will also take into account the decor in which the wedding takes place, in the idea that a classic wedding and a wedding on the beach are two different situations.

4. Made to measure or Ready-to-wear

Finally, you have to decide whether the outfit will be on order or you will choose a ready-to-wear suit. Since it is your wedding day, a very important event where you want to look impeccably, Fablain will recommend you to experience the pleasure of dressing a suit created for you.

With the Made to measure service provided byFablain, you can customize your outfit to the smallest detail. Thus, you can choose the type of fabric, the lining, the number of buttons on the jacket, the satin color on the lapel, or whether it will be customized with your initials or not.

Other tips to keep in mind:

◾ Call a professional to take the steps to create the costume.

◾ Do not wear the costume for the first time on the wedding day. The rule extends to shoes.

◾ If the marriage ceremony, and party are scheduled the same day, it is advisable to have an exchange suit to wear during the first part of the day.

◾ The shirt, if associated with the tuxedo, will always be white or lively, cotton, with fint or with buttons, in contrast, and cuff links.

◾ Choose the shoes in tune with the formality and importance of the event.Fablain will recommend Oxford shoes with dark caramel, black, with no decoration on their surface.

◾ Socks should be chosen in tune with trousers, not with shoes. In this case, they will be cotton and silk or just cotton, black, thin, so that the foot can have thermal comfort.

◾ The jumper should be chosen according to the entire outfit. It must be black, of silk, in accordance with the features of the face. Its width must not exceed the outer corner of the eyebrows.

◾ If you opt for tuxedos, avoid combining the belt with the bow tie in the same outfit. You can choose instead more stylish items such as your shoulder strap or your shoulder straps.

◾ To properly fit the jacket, choose a white Egyptian or silk cotton handkerchief. It must come out of the chest pocket at the same length as the cuff comes out of the sleeve of the jacket.

◾ Your jack will always be worn as long as you are standing. You can open it when you sit down.

Fablain will propose below a couple of ceremonial outfits that will turn you into a true gentleman:




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