One pair of shoes for every style

Oxford is the timeless pair of shoes and the best option when it comes to a classic choice. Their versatility extends from the ceremony segment to the business segment. Oxford is one of the most popular styles due to its minimalist appeal and the ability to easily adapt to a wide range of outfits. For everyday wear, opt for a pair of dark brown leather. While, for special events, a pair of well-polished black leather is the right choice. In combination with a frac or smoking, a pair of lacquered black leather will perfectly mold the outfit. This shoe is made of a single piece of leather, suitable for the classic man who wants to make a statement of minimalist style.



The Monk Strap serves as a formal intermediary between Oxford and the classic Derby, offering a similar shape but without a stitch. Instead of a lock, the monk strap has a wide belt that is attached to the front of the shoe either with a single, double or even triple closure buckle. The monk strap takes the name of the monks who originally made them have extra protection for the sandals they wore several centuries ago. This model has become a highly sought-after shoe style and can be worn with the most elegant suits of your garderobe or why not with a pair of jeans and a jacket. This shoe can easily become the focal point of an outfit.

fab monk.jpg

fab cos

Derby is a Oxford-like shoe, but there are some notable differences between them. The first is the construction of the derby, slightly harder, with either a leather sole or vibration for wear on the streets of the city. Another difference is the decorative elements (perforations) on the shoe. This shoe style is less formal, compared to the classic Oxford. Also called BlΓΌchers, they can be found in any color, with head-toe, wing-tip details, and many different types of leather and padding. Derby shoes are suitable for a day outfit as well as a casual outfit.

derby fablain

fablain suit.jpg

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