How to roll your shirt sleeves

Summer is one of the most appropriate and often times when we can run the shirt sleeve because of high temperatures. Basically, it’s among the few “cool shoots” we can take advantage of when you’re forced to wear a long-sleeved shirt at work. Even if sleeves seem to be simple for some men, it is a real challenge.

In addition, running the shirt has another practical purpose. In some parts of the world, it is the synonym of the working man. For example, when he has to pick up something or wants to prevent him from dirtying his sleeves or washing his hands.

From the point of view of style, you can use this artifice when you want to hold more relaxed whether we refer to summer or winter. It’s the perfect time to show that you just got rid of office work and you’re in town to relax.

So, I designed this mini guide for the shirt sleeves.

The simple roll

You need to open cuff and sleeve buttons (if any) and pull the shirt over your elbow. Then you catch the inside of the cuff you cling over the other end. If you want, you can run it until you feel comfortable.

Slim style

Here you use the width of the cuff and run the shirt up until you feel comfortable.

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What Colour Shoes To Wear With Your Suit

Choosing the right colour shoes to match your suit is key to pulling off your outfit, and this quick and easy guide will give you all the pointers you need.

We’ve all seen it. The guy dressed in a decent suit, his tie just so, his shirt perfectly ironed, and his lapels looking sharp – then you spot his shoes and something’s just not quite right. They’re clean, buffed up to a nice shine, but they just don’t work. Nine out of ten times it’s because the colour isn’t one that matches with the suit, and this can really change up the look of the outfit.

When you’re looking to match your suit with a pair of formal shoes, say for a wedding or other important event, there are a couple of thing you need to bare in mind when it comes to the colours. Certain coloured suits work better with different coloured shoes. Don’t fret too much, though, it’s a really easy bit of colour matching that’s simple to get right.


What Colour Shoes to Wear with a Black Suit

  • Black shoes

Let’s start with the most common suit colour – black. You are much more limited with what colour you can pair with this one unfortunately, as not many colours are really going to work. The whole black suit brown suit shoes combination won’t work, as brown is just too light and will look odd in contrast. Red dress shoes are too stark and even if you go for a dark shade like oxblood, you still run the risk of looking a little top heavy. White dress shoes? Well, that doesn’t even bare thinking about. The only combination that’s really going to work perfectly is black.

If that seems dull to you, and you want your suit to have more of a unique look, you can easily change up the style of shoes you go for. Black dress shoes are one of the most elegant shoes you can slip on your feet, and you can actually change up the vibe of your suit a lot depending on the shape of them and the materials they’re made up of.

Loafers come in two unique styles – tassel and penny. Both have their own benefits and vibes, but if you’re going for an all black look you can add some subtle interest with some good quality tassel loafers. You could also go for a more winter friendly design with some patent leather lace ups to add some shine to your outfit, and some good old fashioned brogues are always a classic, yet never boring.


What Colour Shoes to Wear with a Navy Suit

  • Black shoes
  • Brown shoes
  • Burgundy shoes

You may be thinking ‘what colour shoes with navy trousers?’, but navy is a much more versatile suit colour than black, allowing you to match it with a wider range of coloured shoes. There aren’t really any shoes that won’t go with a navy suit, and you can even pull off a clean, stylish look with a pair of white canvas trainers if you want to go for a more casual look (but obviously we don’t recommend this for a wedding suit). Navy blue and brown is a classic, and a blue suit and brown shoes, or navy suit and brown shoes, combination gives a light, summer-friendly look, but burgundy, tan and black shoes with a navy blue suit will work as well. It’s just a matter of what style you prefer.

As with navy blue suit and black or brown shoes there are dozens of styles you can go for, from old school monk shoes to classic tassel loafers, but for a sleeker look it’s best to go for something more streamlined, like a classic brogue or Oxford dress shoe, but if you want to add some dimension to your look, try out something more interesting like a tasselled loafer. If you do choose loafers however remember to find some invisible/trainer socks to wear, and show off a bit of your ankle. You don’t want to mess up the look with visible socks that don’t go with the rest of the outfit.


What Colour Shoes to Wear with a Grey Suit

Again, this is a really versatile suit colour to be wearing. The only trip up is that there are so many shades of grey, and the tones can affect what colours match with them. If you’ve recently bought a grey suit and you’re unsure of how to style it, read out easy guide on what shirts to wear with it. The great thing about grey suits though is that they go with any skin tone, they aren’t as heavy as black, but they still give a formal, sleek look.

Dark Grey Suits

  • Black shoes
  • Burgundy shoes

Dark grey suits comes with a slight restraint as, like with black suits, brown shoes won’t really work well with them. There’s no reason to stick solely to black shoes though, as burgundy is a great alternative to brown, giving off the same warm tone but matching more easily with darker shades.

You can get them in various shoe styles, from textured brogues to dress loafers, but because of the colour’s intense tone you’ll always get a striking, yet complementary look. You can also go for a smarter, classic edge with some traditional black shoes, creating a subtle, clean look. Dark grey trousers with black shoes is a staple look and gives a clean, sharp finish to a tailored suit.


Light Grey Suits

  • Black shoes
  • Light Brown shoes
  • Burgundy shoes

Light to mid-grey suits are easily paired with any colour shoe from your black to light brown dress shoes, so you should have no worries finding the right shoe for your suit here. Light coloured shoes can help give your suit a summery, easy vibe, whereas darker colours will bring out the formality of your look by toning down the suit.

Because of your endless choice you could go bolder with the design, going for more angular shapes or added elements, like tassel loafers or intricately detailed brogues. Grey suit and brown shoes – it doesn’t seem like the best idea, but this is really only for dark grey, and light grey can actually benefit from the warm tone of brown, with the colour helping the balance out the overall look.


What Colour Shoes to Wear with a Cream or Beige Suit

  • Light brown shoes
  • White shoes

Cream or beige suits are usually reserved for the summer months, with them usually made from linen or light cotton. Because of this you want to go for a light coloured shoe that’s going to compliment the look of the suit. The best style to go for is something equally light, such as a brogue or men’s dress loafer, as both will match with the summery vibe.

Despite the fact that you’re probably dealing with light, breathable shoes, there’s no need to skimp on quality, as cheap men’s dress shoes tend to look just that – cheap. If you have the money, try out some light suede shoes to keep things breathable yet smart. If you’re going for a smart casual look you can mix up the looks and pair your suit with some clean white plimsolls – just never ever wear them with socks that you can see.




One pair of shoes for every style

Oxford is the timeless pair of shoes and the best option when it comes to a classic choice. Their versatility extends from the ceremony segment to the business segment. Oxford is one of the most popular styles due to its minimalist appeal and the ability to easily adapt to a wide range of outfits. For everyday wear, opt for a pair of dark brown leather. While, for special events, a pair of well-polished black leather is the right choice. In combination with a frac or smoking, a pair of lacquered black leather will perfectly mold the outfit. This shoe is made of a single piece of leather, suitable for the classic man who wants to make a statement of minimalist style.



The Monk Strap serves as a formal intermediary between Oxford and the classic Derby, offering a similar shape but without a stitch. Instead of a lock, the monk strap has a wide belt that is attached to the front of the shoe either with a single, double or even triple closure buckle. The monk strap takes the name of the monks who originally made them have extra protection for the sandals they wore several centuries ago. This model has become a highly sought-after shoe style and can be worn with the most elegant suits of your garderobe or why not with a pair of jeans and a jacket. This shoe can easily become the focal point of an outfit.

fab monk.jpg

fab cos

Derby is a Oxford-like shoe, but there are some notable differences between them. The first is the construction of the derby, slightly harder, with either a leather sole or vibration for wear on the streets of the city. Another difference is the decorative elements (perforations) on the shoe. This shoe style is less formal, compared to the classic Oxford. Also called Blüchers, they can be found in any color, with head-toe, wing-tip details, and many different types of leather and padding. Derby shoes are suitable for a day outfit as well as a casual outfit.

derby fablain

fablain suit.jpg

All suits and shoes are available on


Tips on how to dress on your wedding

The most important day in a man’s life is definitely his wedding day. To celebrate this special event, it is important to choose a proper formal outfit that highlights the qualities and personality of the future groom.

In this article, we will provide you useful tips and suggestions for grooms for an exceptional appearance. It is important to keep in mind a few important factors before choosing the wedding outfit:

1. Establishing the dress code and informing guests about it is a very important aspect. Make sure you clearly specify both the type of outfit (black-tie, semi-formal) and the environment in which the wedding will take place. All this information should be included in the invitation.

2. Assortment of groom suit with bridal dress

Style and harmony in the choice of outfits are important milestones, so we recommends choosing both the costume and the dress with the future bride. Assortment must be subtle, detailed so that the visual note is enjoyable. Covers can vary, depending on the pattern, the train, but the chromatic is not very permissive. That’s why it’s a good idea to establish from the beginning all the details about the color and wedding theme. If you are opting for a classic wedding, white and black remain the non-colors that dominate the ensemble.

3. Sezoneness and color

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the wedding season. Depending on this, you can choose the type of fabric that suits the season, but also the colors. For example, gray, black and blue shades can be chosen throughout the year, while white and pastel shades are ideal in the summer months. It will also take into account the decor in which the wedding takes place, in the idea that a classic wedding and a wedding on the beach are two different situations.

4. Made to measure or Ready-to-wear

Finally, you have to decide whether the outfit will be on order or you will choose a ready-to-wear suit. Since it is your wedding day, a very important event where you want to look impeccably, Fablain will recommend you to experience the pleasure of dressing a suit created for you.

With the Made to measure service provided byFablain, you can customize your outfit to the smallest detail. Thus, you can choose the type of fabric, the lining, the number of buttons on the jacket, the satin color on the lapel, or whether it will be customized with your initials or not.

Other tips to keep in mind:

◾ Call a professional to take the steps to create the costume.

◾ Do not wear the costume for the first time on the wedding day. The rule extends to shoes.

◾ If the marriage ceremony, and party are scheduled the same day, it is advisable to have an exchange suit to wear during the first part of the day.

◾ The shirt, if associated with the tuxedo, will always be white or lively, cotton, with fint or with buttons, in contrast, and cuff links.

◾ Choose the shoes in tune with the formality and importance of the event.Fablain will recommend Oxford shoes with dark caramel, black, with no decoration on their surface.

◾ Socks should be chosen in tune with trousers, not with shoes. In this case, they will be cotton and silk or just cotton, black, thin, so that the foot can have thermal comfort.

◾ The jumper should be chosen according to the entire outfit. It must be black, of silk, in accordance with the features of the face. Its width must not exceed the outer corner of the eyebrows.

◾ If you opt for tuxedos, avoid combining the belt with the bow tie in the same outfit. You can choose instead more stylish items such as your shoulder strap or your shoulder straps.

◾ To properly fit the jacket, choose a white Egyptian or silk cotton handkerchief. It must come out of the chest pocket at the same length as the cuff comes out of the sleeve of the jacket.

◾ Your jack will always be worn as long as you are standing. You can open it when you sit down.

Fablain will propose below a couple of ceremonial outfits that will turn you into a true gentleman:




Things To Know When Buying Your First Interview Suit

Going out on your first job interview can be stressful. The clothing you wear to the interview shouldn’t be.

For guys, there’s just one appropriate thing to wear: A suit.

There’s a difference between buying a first suit for interviews and a whole wardrobe of suits once the job has started.

Think of a first suit as a springboard, giving the wearer the necessary look to shine in an interview, without making an impression on its own.

The last thing an interview suit should do is stand out.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re shopping for the perfect interview suit:

1. Stick to basics when choosing colors and patterns.


Blue or medium to dark grey, two buttons, no pinstripes. Black is too formal for interviews, and earth tones are too casual. Two-button suits are the professional standard. Though you will see three-button and one-button suits, they should be considered only when your wardrobe requires multiple suits.

The same goes for patterns like pinstripes. Once you’re wearing a suit regularly, they’re fine, but for the first suit, basic is best.

2. Don’t break the bank.

A solid price point for the first suit should be around $800, give or take. Plenty of options can be found around and below that amount, but avoid very inexpensive suits, as they are often poor quality and will look cheap.

You want a suit that will last you through multiple rounds of interviews, not one that will come apart at the seams after a few marathon interview days.

On the other side of the spectrum, you don’t want to spend thousands on this suit. What will an interviewer think if you show up at an interview for an entry-level position in a suit that is more expensive than theirs? It is not a risk worth taking, as it may have a negative impact on your candidacy.

3. Fit is critical.

4. Skip the accessories.

Leave them at home, unless it’s interesting socks.

The important thing to consider with interview suits is that they are meant to make you look polished, professional, and no more, so that you can get down to business and impress the interviewer with your skills and attitude.

The suit has done its job perfectly if the interviewer can’t remember it, because you want the interviewer to remember you rather than what you wore. This keeps interviewers focused on your abilities, with the added benefit being that you will be able to wear the suit again with a different shirt/tie combination when they ask you back for round two.

Now good luck!


11 Essential Rules to Dressing Like an Adult

1. Find a suit that fits. 
A little boy wearing a suit for the first time is cute. A grown man trying to pull off an ill-fitting rig is anything but.

2. Invest in a great pair of jeans.
Finding that perfect pair of well-fitting jeans is worth the steep price tag. Look for three must-have qualities—a slim fit, dark wash, and sturdy construction—and you’ll be able to wear your jeans just about anywhere.

3. Upgrade your outerwear
You spend most of the winter months in a coat, so give it the attention it deserves.

Leave ill-fitting puffy coats to the amateurs—you need a sharp overcoat that slims your body with room for layering, so you’ll look sharp whether you’re wearing a suit underneath or just a pair of weekend “no need to put on clothes to get the morning paper” pajamas.

4. Buy nice shoes to wear with jeans
Rule No. 1 for upping your shoe game: Leave the athletic shoes at the gym. Instead, reach for a pair of leather chukka boots that pack style and comfort.

5. Know when shorts are appropriate 
Shorts shouldn’t be banned from a gentlemen’s closet. Just know when to wear them.

You’ve got until Memorial Day to add fitted shorts that hit above the knee to your wardrobe. They’ll cut back on any hint of sloppiness to keep you looking sharp.

6. Upgrade your tees 
Sure, there’s an emotional tie to each of your old fraternity tees, but they’re holding back your style. Make room in your dresser for a handful of well-made, solid T-shirts in neutrals like black, gray, and olive.

7. Match patterns with skill
As a general rule, aim to match patterns that contrast in size. That means pairing a fine gingham shirt with a tie in a larger plaid.

The resulting balance doesn’t clash and shows you’ve put some thought into your look.

8. Pay attention to the little things
Look at a guy with enviable style and you’ll notice what sets him apart often comes down to the accessories. Invest in a sturdy tie bar, cufflinks, and a versatile white pocket square.

9. Find a leather bag
Toss out your logged nylon messenger bag. It’s a switch your co-workers—especially your boss—will notice.

Replace it with a simple leather briefcase that’s label-free so you can take all the style credit.

10. Press your dress shirts
You’re not in high school anymore, so it’s up to you to make sure your shirts are pressed and wrinkle free.

11. Refresh your jewelry
When you put away the cap and gown, it’s time to retire anything that labels you as a student. This includes pooka shells, string bracelets, dog tags, and anything resembling a piercing.